IMPORTANT NOTICE: Vantage Status Update  (Updated: 6/29/2023).

On June 29, 2023, Vantage filed a petition for relief under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in the Bankruptcy Court for the District of Massachusetts.  All reservation activity is suspended pending the conclusion of the sale proceedings.

Additional Information will be made available once the process is completed and no later than 1 September, 2023.

See Vantage FAQ for full Details

Referral FAQs

Great news — the best referral program in the travel industry just got better! Now, when you share your love of travel, you’ll earn rewards through our NEW Refer & Earn Program of up to $12,250 in your choice of cash and free travel! Vantage makes getting referrals on the books as easy as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions about our Vantage Referral Program

Do I need to sign up for an account to be part of the Referral Program?
If you've referred new travelers to us in the past, you're already a member. If this is your first time referring friends to us, and you are not already registered for a My Portfolio account, visit My Portfolio to sign up for an account to refer your friends and track your rewards today.
How do I earn my reward and when do I get paid?
Simply refer your friends to Vantage, and you'll receive your rewards approximately 14 days after they depart on their first journey. Note that Free Trip rewards are paid in the form of a trip voucher — contact Vantage within 30 days of earning if you would prefer to be rewarded in the form of cash.
How do I get reimbursed for hosting an in-person or virtual travel party for my referrals?
A get-together with a travel theme is one of the best ways to inspire and recruit friends and increase your rewards. Everyone loves to talk about travel, so a travel-themed party or gathering works best of all. You’ll get a $200 food and beverage reimbursement for hosting, and your guests will get a $100 travel credit if they reserve at the party. It’s that simple. Email us at or call 1-888-734-0187 to get started planning today.

New: Ask us about hosting a private webinar for you and your referrals to learn more about our journeys, presented by an expert Concierge.
Does my referred traveler have to travel with me?
Absolutely not! Once you recruit a friend, each of you can travel whenever you want — and still share in the rewards. Plus, with our newly enhanced Referral rewards. there is now no restriction on when your friends need to travel by to count toward your free trip.
What if I run out of people to refer to Vantage?
There are more ways to refer new travelers than you might think. It's surprisingly easy to bring up Vantage when chatting with a neighbor, an acquaintance at the gym, or someone you meet at a social gathering — even someone you bump into at the airport during your travels. You'll find that people appreciate the information. Contact a Referral Program representative at 1-888-734-0187 or via email at We're happy to provide expert tips on how to maximize your rewards.
Is there a limit to how much cash or free travel I can earn?
There is no limit to how many new travelers you refer or the rewards you can earn. Once you earn the FREE travel, a World Cruise, or the top-tier cash reward of $117,500, the rewards start over again so that you can continue to earn! Refer a friend now with our simple online referral form, or call toll-free, 1-888-734-0187 to get started.
How do I earn the cash reward of $117,500, the FREE World Cruise, or the FREE trip?
To earn a free trip or cash reward of $12,250, eight of your referrals must travel. FREE trip credit ($10,500) may be applied toward any new reservation of any value. To earn a free World Cruise or cash rewards of $117,500, eight referrals must travel on our 150-day World Cruise. Referral rewards are not combinable with Group Rewards or Travel Agent commissions. See here for full terms and conditions. Alternatively, you may elect to receive your free trip value in the form of cash. To do so, you must notify Vantage within 30 days of earning your reward.
Is the World Cruise Referral Program combinable with Vantage’s standard Refer & Earn program?
Yes, World Cruise referrals can be used towards the standard free trip after 8 travelers referred. However, only World Cruise referrals can be used toward World Cruise. Once referrals are used to claim a free trip, they can no longer be used toward the free World Cruise.
When do I get my reward?
You'll earn your reward as soon as your referral departs their first trip. Please allow 14 business days from your referrals' departure date for your reward checks to be processed. To earn more rewards faster, send your referrals a catalog HERE to help them pick their first journey.
What is included in my FREE trip or World Cruise?
Your journey or World Cruise credit can be used for all trip components with the exception of the Travel Protection Plan and applicable taxes and fees. The trip must be reserved within one (1) year of earning your reward. Any amounts due for excluded items or for the value of the trip in excess of your trip or World Cruise credit shall be the responsibility of the traveler. No refunds shall be rewarded if the price of the trip is less than the value of your credit. All applicable federal, state, and local taxes; license; fees; or other costs are the sole responsibility of the traveler. The trip credit may not be transferred to another traveler: no substitutions, exchanges, or cash redemptions. Travel Protection Plan values are based on the full trip value. In the event of a trip cancellation for any reason, including but not limited to, the health of the traveler, cancellation, scheduling conflicts, or an event of force majeure, the trip may be rebooked, provided it is still within the one-year redemption window. Vantage Travel terms and conditions associated with the trip apply. The prize restrictions/conditions stated herein are not all-inclusive and may be subject to additional restrictions/conditions.
Can I combine my Vantage Referral Program rewards with other offers?
Referrers — Yes. The Vantage Referral Program rewards you earn may be combined with existing offers with the exception of group travel rewards and travel agent commissions. World Cruise referred travelers may be applied towards the $10,500 free trip reward but then become ineligible towards the World Cruise free trip reward. Referred travelers may only be applied against one referral program.

New Referrals — The $100-$500 savings per person may be combined with all offers except for Priority bookings, last minute travel deals, special occupancy pricing, group travel program bookings, and travel agent bookings.

For full Referral Program Terms & Conditions, see here.
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