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Nordic Splendor: A Coastal Adventure in Norway - 2023

Your 13-night journey includes: 11-night expedition cruise to Ålesund, Molde, Trondheim, Tromsø, Hammerfest, Havøysund, Honningsvåg, Kjøllefjord, Kirkenes, Vardø, Hammerfest, Skjervøy, Vesterålen Islands, Svolvær, Brønnøysund, Trondheim; 2 nights at a Deluxe hotel in Bergen (1 pre- and 1 post-cruise)
  • Coastal sailing, fjords, Norway, Scandinavia
  • UNESCO-listed Bryggen Wharf, Bergen, Norway
  • Old Bridge, Trondheim, Norway, Europe
  • Alesund fjord, Norway, Scandinavia, Europe
  • Helsinki Finland
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Round-trip Bergen (Winter)

Experience some of the earth’s most striking landscapes on this winter cruise. Discover colorful fishing villages, snowcapped mountain ranges, and breathtaking fjords. Embark on a Hurtigruten working cargo ship, where farm-to-table and fish-to-dish cuisine await at each meal. Sail in comfort through the world’s northernmost regions, mingling with locals on board and gaining rare cultural insight.

Leave travel as you know it behind and search the Nordic skies for the breathtaking Northern Lights. You will get the opportunity to witness the vibrant green and purple hues in the night sky. Throughout the cruise, the local Expedition Team will bring Scandinavian lore and tradition to life with fascinating presentations, and you’ll explore several cities while enjoying 15 included features and Cultural Discoveries.

Make your Norwegian adventure a group trip with triple and quad accommodations, or travel independently and enjoy Reduced Single Supplements on every departure. Discover the Arctic Circle on this adventure you’ll never forget.

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DAY 1:

Depart for Bergen, Norway

Your Nordic adventure begins with an overnight flight to Bergen.

DAY 2:

Arrive in Bergen

After arrival, transfer to your hotel in the heart of Bergen. Enjoy the remainder of your day in this historic port city at leisure. Later, join your fellow travelers at the hotel for a Welcome Drink and an informative briefing about the days ahead. A light buffet dinner will wrap up our first day in Scandinavia.

Included meals:


DAY 3:

Discover Bergen’s heritage before embarking your Hurtigruten cruise ship

Our day begins at the hotel next to Bryggen Wharf, the city’s historic waterfront area. We’ll set out into the colorful city of Bergen on a combined coach and walking tour. Built after the Great Fire of 1702, these traditional wooden houses and unusual street patterns inspired UNESCO to declare the city a World Heritage Site.

We’ll then learn about Norway’s musical legacy with a visit to Edvard Grieg’s summer home. As one of the most influential Romantic composers of the 19th century, his work helped launch the country into international musical prominence. During a tour of Grieg’s home — now a fascinating museum — we’ll delve further into his cultural contributions.

After the museum, we'll embark on your Hurtigruten cruise ship and set sail. Because your ship is both a working and passenger vessel, your Nordic adventure will include a mix of Norwegian and international travelers as shipmates. Take the opportunity to connect with Scandinavians and learn about local life.

Included Feature:

  • Panoramic city tour, including Old Town Bryggen and entrance to Troldhaugen (Edward Grieg's Summer House Museum)
Hiking Opportunities:
  • Hurtigruten offers a Hiking Pass for more active travelers. Revel Norwegian fjordland’s unspoiled natural landscapes with a series of guided hikes
Please note: Your ship calls at many ports and you'll often have time to go ashore for sightseeing. However, this is also a working vessel that delivers cargo on a strict schedule. As such, some port of calls may not permit any time on shore. Wherever possible, your Adventure Leader will keep your explorations active with port orientation walks.

Included meals:

Breakfast & dinner

DAY 4:

Cruise along Norway’s breathtaking natural splendor

Rise early to make the most of Nordfjord’s breathtaking splendor this morning before breakfast. As we cruise past the West Cape on our way to Ålesund, we’ll experience a rare venture into the open sea. Depending on the departure date, we’ll either sail past the spectacular cliffs and falls of the UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord or explore Hjørundfjord, settled amidst the majestic Sunnmøre Alps.

Depending on the season, we’ll enjoy an extended visit in the art nouveau town of Ålesund. Here, we’ll explore the cobblestoned streets and colorful architecture during a guided walking tour.

Later, we'll visit the town of Molde, a previous trading port dating to the Middle Ages. Learn about King Arthur, an icon from the Middle Ages, during a fascinating onboard lecture. We’ll be further informed about Dollsteinhola, which is rumored to be the site of the Holy Grail.

Cultural Discovery:

  • Walking tour of Ålesund (please note that the walking tour of Ålesund is not available on summer departures between June 1st and November 1st)
Hiking Opportunity:
  • Join a guided hike with a member of your Expedition Team through the secluded Sunnmøre Alps for vistas of majestic peaks and soaring skies

Included meals:

Breakfast, lunch & dinner

DAY 5:

Explore Trondheim’s rich medieval heritage

After an early arrival in Trondheim, we’ll spend the day exploring this small city on a bus tour. As one of Norway’s historic and religious cities, Trondheim has been considered the Nordic’s most important pilgrimage site since the 11th century. Witness St. Olav Ways, which comprise over 3,000 kilometers, all ending at St. Olav’s shrine (St. Olav was a Norwegian king and Catholic martyr).

On our city walk, we’ll follow the city’s old veitene, or narrow alleys, past its markets and historic warehouses. The stroll concludes with a tour inside the legendary Nidaros Cathedral.

In the afternoon, we’ll board our ship to cruise northwest. Perched among charming islets and rocky outcrops, we’ll glide past the striking Kjeungskjær Lighthouse. An onboard lecture will cover Trondheim Fjord's geography and life during the Viking era. After passing through the narrow Stoksund, the ship will stop at charming Rørvik. This busy fishing community lies at the center of 6,000 islands.

Included Feature:

  • Tour of Trondheim
Cultural Discovery:
  • Visit the interior of Nidaros Cathedral
Hiking Opportunity:
  • Lose yourself in Trondheim’s surrounding nature on an easy, guided mountain hike with a member of your Expedition Team

Included meals:

Breakfast, lunch & dinner

DAY 6:

Sail across the Arctic Circle

Today, we’ll cruise past the soaring Borvass Mountains and across the Arctic Circle, where the sun can remain above or below the horizon for 24 hours. During winter, this is where our hunt for the Aurora Borealis begins. Chances of witnessing the Northern Lights are best above the Arctic Circle’s latitude. We’ll sail along Helgeland’s beautiful coast until we reach Bodø. Here, we’ll stop for a walking tour of this young city, which is home to the Royal Norwegian Air Force.

Crossing Vestfjord this afternoon, we’ll spot the half-mile high Lofoten Wall on the horizon. The small, picturesque fishing villages of Stamsund and Svolvær reveal the bohemian allure of the Lofoten Islands.

After sailing through the stunning Raftsund Strait this evening, we’ll pass Trollfjord’s entrance. Weather permitting, it is here that you’ll learn the enthralling story of the 1890’s Battle of Trollfjord.

Cultural Discovery:

  • Walking tour of Bodø

Included meals:

Breakfast, lunch & dinner
Destination Enhancements: Meet the Vikings

Meet the Vikings

  • Approximate Cost: $197 USD per person
  • Approximate Time: 3 hours
  • Location: Stamsund - Svolvær
  • When: Day 6 (11/01 - 03/31)
At the Lofotr Viking Museum the largest Viking building ever found has been recreated. The original Chieftain’s house was established in about 500 AD and was inhabited until around 900 AD, and the rebuilt version exhibits finds from this era. The Chieftain and the Lady of the house invite you to join them for a real Viking feast in the banquet hall. Experience the magic and excitement as they make sacrifices to the Gods, praying that the sun will return to avoid Ragnarok. After the Viking feast, served with home-brewed mead, you will travel by bus to Svolvær and re-join your ship.

Please note: Optional tours can only be prepurchased up to 30 days prior to departure. After that, tours may be purchased on-site (subject to availability.)

DAY 7:

Explore the architecture of Tromsø, the "Gateway to the Arctic"

Striking views await us as we cruise through the scenic Vågsfjorden this morning. Our cruise ship will pause in the peaceful town of Finnsnes for a quick orientation walk.

We’ll continue to Tromsø, the "Gateway to the Arctic." Amidst other things, this lively city is known for its distinctive architecture and endless supply of cultural events. With more pubs per capita than any other town in Norway, Tromsø also hosts the hallowed Mack Brewery, especially famous for its Arctic Ale.

Setting off on a walking tour, we’ll pass key city sites and visit the Polar Museum. Learn the fascinating science behind the Aurora Borealis phenomenon and the history of Norwegian trapping in two separate lectures.

After returning to the ship this evening, we’ll enjoy dinner and a movie night.

Included Feature:

  • Tour of Tromsø, the “Gateway to the Arctic”
Cultural Discovery
  • Learn how the Aurora Borealis has influenced regional culture
Hiking Opportunity:
  • Join your Expedition Team for a nature hike through Tromsø’s mountains. The clear air provides for unparalleled views of the city and its surroundings

Included meals:

Breakfast, lunch & dinner
Destination Enhancements: Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding

  • Approximate Cost: $330 USD per person
  • Approximate Time: 3 hours 30 min
  • Location: Tromsø
  • When: Day 7 (11/27 - 04/30)
Join us on a miniature polar expedition led by some of the Arctic’s friendliest creatures – dogs! Our sled tour takes place on the island of Kvaløya, where we’ll enjoy stunning views of the ocean and surrounding mountains as we glide over the glistening landscape. During the polar night (usually late November through late January, depending on region), the only lights to guide us will be the stars moon, so headlamps will be attached to our sleighs.  In the spring, the climate is milder and the days are longer, so count on longer sunlight. 

Please note: The timing of this optional tour conflicts with one of Vantage's included features/excursions. Please keep this in mind when booking this tour. Special outerwear will be provided for this tour; however, we recommend dressing in warm, comfortable clothing.

Please note: Optional tours can only be pre-purchased up to 30 days prior to departure. After that, tours may be purchased on-site (subject to availability.)

DAY 8:

Stroll through Honningsvåg, sail past the Sámi’s heartland, and visit Kjøllefjord

Witness magnificent subarctic landscapes as we cruise Norway’s northernmost region this morning. Our destination today is Honningsvåg, North Cape’s gateway. We’ll make brief stops in the peaceful fishing towns of Hammerfest and Havøysund.

Surrounded by mountains, Honningsvåg is rich with gorgeous vistas, fish, and Nordic discoveries. Our Vantage expert will tell us about life in the country’s tiniest official city. We’ll perhaps learn about Bamse, a local dog who became the Free Norwegian Forces’ symbol of heroism in WWII.

Later, our ship will continue east, sailing through the heartland of the Sámi people and their ancient sacred site. We’ll pass the rock formation of Finnkirka and briefly visit the fishing village of Kjøllefjord.

Cultural Discovery:

  • Walking tour of Honningsvåg
Hiking Opportunity:
  • Explore Honningsvåg’s rolling hills and tranquil vistas on a guided hike with your Expedition Team

Included meals:

Breakfast, lunch & dinner
Destination Enhancements: Snowmobile Trip in the Arctic

Snowmobile Trip in the Arctic

  • Approximate Cost: $400 USD per person
  • Approximate Time: 2 hours 15 min
  • Location: Kjøllefjord - Mehamn
  • When: Day 8 (12/10 -04/25)
Join us on an unforgettable snowmobile trip to one of Europe’s most extreme and exciting natural areas. During this excursion you will travel from the old trading post and fishing village of Kjøllefjord over the mountains to Mehamn. Along the way, the guides will tell you about the Sámi people, the geographic and climatic conditions, what life is like on the Finnmark coast, and how the local population utilise nature in both the summer and winter months. Some of Norway’s best instructors will ensure that proper training is given before you hop onto your own snowmobile for this once in a lifetime trip through fascinating scenery. Experience the snow-clad valleys, the fresh winter air and perhaps the mesmerising Northern Lights in the clear, starry sky. Back in Mehamn, the world’s northernmost mainland town, located on the often wild and stormy Finnmark coast, we rejoin the Hurtigruten ship to continue our voyage.

Please note: The timing of this optional tour conflicts with one of Vantage's included features/excursions. Please keep this in mind when booking this tour.

Please note: Optional tours can only be prepurchased up to 30 days prior to departure. After that, tours may be purchased on-site (subject to availability.)

DAY 9:

Step into the past during a visit to Kirkenes and historic Vardø

Rise early to savor the views of Kirkenes colorful town this morning. We’ll head to Kirkenes, land of the Sámi people and reindeer. Located just eight miles from Russia, this remote town was unsurprisingly tense during the Cold War.

After traveling along Storskog, the only official border between Norway and Russia, we’ll enjoy a short panoramic tour of Kirkenes. This is also the turnaround point on your Norwegian cruise.

Later, we’ll step into the past with a visit to Andersgrotta, a civilian bomb shelter from World War II. Here, a local will illuminate us with compelling historical anecdotes. If you depart in the winter or spring, you will explore the remarkable Snowhotel instead.

After Kirkenes, we’ll stop in Vardø for a short walking tour. As our ship heads northwest, a completely different side of Norway will unfold. We’ll now have the chance to make daylight calls at ports we previously passed in the night.

Included Feature:

  • Walking tour of Vardø, and Kirkenes. Kirkenes includes Snowhotel (from December 20th to April 20th) OR Andersgrotta (from April 21st to December 19th)
Cultural Discovery:
  • Hear a local’s retelling of history at Andersgrotta (from April 21st to December 19th)

Included meals:

Breakfast, lunch & dinner
Destination Enhancements: King Crab Winter Adventure

King Crab Winter Adventure

  • Approximate Cost: $372 USD per person
  • Approximate Time: 3 hours
  • Location: Kirkenes
  • When: Day 9 (12/01 - 04/20)
Travel across the frozen Barents Sea on a snowmobile-driven sleigh amid the fantastic scenery. An experienced fisherman will accompany us and tell us all about the giant crustaceans that have made these icy waters their home.

Red king crabs are considered ‘royalty’, simply because of their size. A single king crab can weigh up to 22 pounds and have an impressive leg span of around 6.5 feet.

Watch as the fisherman cuts a hole in the ice and hauls crab cages out of the depths. Be ready to lend a hand if he asks!

We continue via snowmobile to the quaint boathouse that is located beside the fjord. After the chef prepares and cooks the crab, we’ll settle down to a hearty meal with today’s catch. It doesn’t get any fresher than this! The portions will be generous and the crab delicious, so you’ll surely leave the table satisfied.

Please note: The timing of this optional tour conflicts with one of Vantage's included features/excursions. Please keep this in mind when booking this tour.

Please note: Optional tours can only be prepurchased up to 30 days prior to departure. After that, tours may be purchased on-site (subject to availability.)

DAY 10:

Discover the towns of Hammerfest and Skjervøy

After early calls at Honningsvåg and Havøysund, our Norwegian cruise ship will stop in Hammerfest. We’ll take a short walking tour of this town, Europe’s first to have electric streetlights.

Heading south this evening, we’ll arrive at the small village of Skjervøy.

Cultural Discovery:

  • Walking tour of Hammerfest

Included meals:

Breakfast, lunch & dinner
Destination Enhancements: Midnight Concert in the Arctic Cathedral

Midnight Concert in the Arctic Cathedral

  • Approximate Cost: $106 USD per person
  • Approximate Time: 45 minute concert plus transfer
  • Location: Tromsø
  • When: Day 10 (01/01 - 12/31)
With its exquisite glass mosaic window, there is perhaps no more beautiful way to experience the Arctic Cathedral than by attending a midnight concert. As the candle lights flicker, this elegant church is filled with the sounds of the most beautiful Norwegian folk songs, as well as some wonderfully powerful classical and sacred selections. This incredible musical experience is enhanced by the Arctic Cathedral’s fantastic acoustics. All in all, it’s a moving and perfect way to end the day.

Please note: Optional tours can only be prepurchased up to 30 days prior to departure. After that, tours may be purchased on-site (subject to availability.)

DAY 11:

Cruise through Lofoten and Vesterålen islands, then wander through Stokmarknes

As we travel through the Vesterålen Islands via Stokmarknes, today’s cruise arguably promises the trip’s most stunning Nordic scenery. We’ll cross the Raftsund Strait, which connects Vesterålen with Lofoten, before docking Hadseløya’s island.

Here, we’ll take a leisurely, guided walk of Stokmarknes, where Hurtigruten’s headquarters are located. The lovely village is most famed for its Coastal Express Museum, which features retired ships. Tour this 1950s vessel to experience what Norwegian sailing was like decades ago.

Included Feature:

  • Scenic cruise of Lofoten and Vesterålen islands
Cultural Discovery:
  • Walking tour of Stokmarknes

Included meals:

Breakfast, lunch & dinner

DAY 12:

Cruise past the Seven Sisters before exploring Brønnøysund

After leaving Ornes early this morning, our ship will sail through narrow straits bordered by farm fields. Crossing southward over the Arctic Circle, we’ll call at Sandnessjøen. This island port connects to mainland Norway with an impressive new cable bridge.

As we cruise, we’ll witness exceptional views (weather permitting) of the Seven Sisters, a chain of seven breathtaking peaks. Often referred to as "The Centre of Norway," our next stop is Brønnøysund. Join our Adventure Leader on a walking tour to learn more about this beautiful town.

Cultural Discovery:

  • Walking tour of Brønnøysund

Included meals:

Breakfast, lunch & dinner
Destination Enhancements: Visit the Salmon

Visit the Salmon

  • Approximate Cost: $133 USD per person
  • Approximate Time: 1 hour 15 min
  • Location: Brønnøysund
  • When: Day 12 (01/01 - 12/31)
Norway is one of the world’s major exporters of fish and seafood. Every day, Norwegian seafood is enjoyed by approximately 37 million people around the world. Norway’s fertile coast, with its cool and clear water, offer the optimum conditions for sustainable and responsible aquaculture. This excursion starts with a short bus tour of Brønnøysund before we cross the magnificent Brønnøysund Bridge and continue to Toft and the Norwegian Aquaculture Centre. Here you will learn about farming and the surrounding environment. Here you can meet the salmon, see what they eat and how they live. You can even take part in the feeding, and learn about modern farming. The interactive centre offers you the chance to try out an underwater camera, taste the salmon, and ask questions of the resident guides who will be with you every step of the way.

Please note: Optional tours can only be prepurchased up to 30 days prior to departure. After that, tours may be purchased on-site (subject to availability.)

DAY 13:

Explore the city of Trondheim

Today, we’ll disembark in Trondheim, Norway’s third-largest city. This lively university town is known for its wide streets and colorful buildings. On a three-mile walking tour, we’ll pass architectural masterpieces like the Archbishop's Palace and the Old Town Bridge. You’ll see why it’s no wonder that these are some of the city’s most photographed locations.

These are by no means Trondheim’s only attractions. Wander through the serpentine streets, passing by quaint shops and cafes to absorb the vibrant local culture. Bundle up to sit at an outdoor table and watch passersby. Or, head to the city center’s Trondheim Torg, a shopping mall with myriad snacking options. In the winter, there is a skating ring if you’re in the mood for some revelry!

After returning to the ship, enjoy the views as we pass the picturesque islands of Grip and Hitra. Our next stop is Kristiansund, a peaceful city that stretches across four islands.

Cultural Discovery:

  • Walking tour of Trondheim

Included meals:

Breakfast, lunch & dinner

DAY 14:

Disembark ship for a final evening in Bergen

Sail through one of the most beautiful archipelagos in Norway today, enjoying lunch on board. As we return to Bergen, the cruise portion of your Norway adventure comes to an end.

We’ll disembark and transfer to the hotel for our journey’s final night. Enjoy a leisurely evening, making the most of this intriguing town.

Included meals:

Breakfast, lunch & dinner

DAY 15:

Transfer to the airport for your return flight home

This morning, transfer to the airport for your flight home.

Included meals:


Important Notice: The above day-by-day itineraries are preliminary and therefore subject to change. If changes occur while on tour, you will be notified by your Vantage Adventure Leader or regional expert.

Please Note: Port-of-call orientation walking tours are subject to change based on port time and weather conditions.

Hiking passes from Hurtigruten are available for purchase on board for the cruise portion of your adventure.

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